Lashing Out

By Sigourney Cantelo

If there’s one beauty treatment I am evangelical about; it’s lash extensions. I have a non-negotiable, standing fortnightly beauty appointment to get my ‘infills’ done and they’re the first thing I attend to when prepping for a big event. Why? Extensions open up the eye without the need for mascara and a lash curler. Extensions can completely transform your face, make your eyes look bigger and even make you look younger.


Having lash extensions means I can skip the eye makeup completely and still feel (semi) done. With two young kids and a business I don't have the time to labour over my requisite six coats of mascara, then have to remove it all at the end of the day. I've calculated that with my extensions, I can save up to ten minutes a day eliminating the finicky mascara application/removal process.  

They’re also with you 24/7. You wake up feeling all Brigitte Bardot, and you emerge from the ocean feeling like Ursula Andress. They’re the ultimate modern Bond-girl essential and spring is the best time of year to try them. 

The Spring Racing Carnival is nigh, and it’s time to primp up a storm. I was very happy to hear that Crown Spa will soon be offering extensions via the fabulously deft-handed Zoe Pandur of Glamapuss. 


Zoe is an expert at analysing your face shape and helping you to select the right extensions as she uses a mixture of sterilised synthetic fibre lashes that come in all sizes, thickness and shapes.

“I’d start by considering how you like to look on a daily basis,” explains Zoe. “If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, you may prefer the classic natural look, or if you are wearing makeup every day, you might like the more dramatic style such as 3D-Russian, or some thicker classic lashes.” Here’s the breakdown on what to expect. 


During your treatment, your lash technician will apply an eye mask under the eye and then gently stick single lash fibres to the ends of your natural lashes. Your first set will take around an hour and a half.

“Not at all!” explains Zoe. “It’s a very relaxing experience; many people fall asleep on the bed. I can even apply them in your hotel room!”


They’ll start to fall out in 1-2 weeks, so infills are recommended every 2-3 weeks, which takes around 45 minutes. Alternatively, you can let your natural lashes grow, and the extensions will fall out with your natural lash, which takes around 3-5 weeks. You regenerate new lashes every 6-8 weeks so they can be applied for a one-off event. However, Zoe warns, “they are addictive!”


You need to keep the lashes dry for the first 24 hours. Avoid using mascara and any makeup removers containing oil or alcohol as they can break down the adhesives that hold the extensions on. The trick is to clean the natural oil and excess makeup from your eyelid and lash-line regularly. Glamapuss has a lash aftercare pack, which contains a foam cleanser, a Kabuki brush, and a Mascara wand (for brushing your lashes) which retails at $39.95.


A lot of women ask if extensions make your eyelashes fall out. I have used them for several years, and honestly, don’t think they have affected my natural lashes. We lose lashes all the time naturally, and I’m just more aware when my lashes fall out because they have the extension attached - they’re longer and more noticeable. Zoe mentioned, “Lash extensions are safe for everyone except those who are highly allergic to mascaras, or who have super sensitive eyes.” She adds “It’s possible to do a patch test if you’re worried about the glue.”


If you’re still not convinced, then I would recommend amping up your lashes for the racing season with a great mascara (Diorshow is mine and Zoe’s pick). You can also try a lash serum in the weeks leading up to the big event as they can help your lashes grow longer and thicker. I’ve had success with “Lilash”, but it’s becoming harder to find in Australia. Zoe likes “Envy Lash” (available from many beauticians for around $120), but you do have to be diligent with daily applications to get the results.

Finally, to make your eyes the focus this spring, you should have a professional makeup application at Crown Spa. Their makeup artist will use contouring and shadows to emphasise your eyes and make you feel stunning and race ready.  


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