Crown Spa Club – tried, tested, approved

The exclusive lifestyle club that benefits your health and wellbeing.   

Imagine if there was a gym that was more of a wellness centre, one that focused on your mental and emotional health as well as your physical health. One that had valet parking, personal training, included spa packages and gave you access to expert clinical practitioners at your fingertips. Well, let us introduce you to the exclusive Crown Spa Club, in Melbourne and Perth.

Director of Crown Spas Emma McGrady wanted to create a complete experience for members, and offer an integrated approach to wellness. And boy has she delivered.

“The club is more specialised than a typical gym membership because we want to give people the tools to deal with their wellbeing holistically,” she says. “So, if you suffer from intense anxiety, how can we help you tackle it from a total wellness perspective? 


What’s on offer?

The club features a dedicated team of practitioners and therapists because “We don’t want it to be ‘what can I do right now?’ but rather a ‘what will help me in the long term?”, explains McGrady.  

“We thought about the naming for quite some time. We wanted a name that incorporates all the important pillars like mental, emotional, physical health and nourishment.”  

After carefully planning their offering which also includes access to a 25-metre indoor pool, male and female aqua retreats (including vitality pools & steam rooms), breakfast and group exercise classes, the Crown Spa Club officially launched in December 2018, capping their membership in order to give members the premium experience they deserve.

Members also receive 20 per cent off items from popular sporting brands like 2XU and The Upside as well as visitor pool passes – perfect for school holiday activities or a catch up with friends.

And what better way to celebrate than to send one deserving Melbourne woman to experience the club for themselves. 

Is there nothing they don’t have?

Walking through the stylish foyer to the female-only lounge filled with bliss balls, mint infused water and herbal tea, stressed out scientist Kirstyn Carey says it was the attention to detail that impressed her most.

“They have thought of everything,” she says. “Hairdryers, hairspray, hair brushes, deodorant, robes, slippers, even a toothbrush so I don’t have to bring my own.”

“And the rainforest style shower – heaven!”  

A head massage and a power nap

Experiencing the detox and adrenal boost journey, a comprehensive purification process designed to stimulate the cells and lymphatics and ending with a signature massage, Kirstyn says she felt comfortable from the moment she walked into the room.

“Nicole explained the treatment so well and made me feel so comfortable,” says Kirstyn. “We started out with a guided meditation which helped me relax after a busy day and then went onto the scrub and wrap. They even have heated beds and blankets!”

She adds that indulging in the luxurious spa and steam room post-treatment was the perfect finishing touch. 


The only girl in the world

It was the details that made Kirstyn feel like the only girl in the world and is one of the reasons she says she’ll definitely be back.

“Nicole took so much care to make sure I felt relaxed,” she says. “She kept tucking my hair back so it didn’t get oils in it and was conscious I didn’t feel too much or too little pressure.”

“It’s almost like she picked up on how my body was reacting to different pressure points and adjusted her technique so it was right for me.”

Snack time

“I was pretty hungry from a two-hour treatment, so thank god for the snacks,” says Kirsty.

“Sipping on a sleep blend of herbal tea just added to the whole experience,” she says. “I think a night time treatment was the perfect time because I could go home feeling relaxed and my body was ready for sleep.”

We’re excited to be able to offer you the Crown Spa Club - and as McGrady says, “We don’t just help you tone and workout hard, we also help you tap into your psyche which then helps you in all areas of your life”.

For more information, please contact Crown Spa Reception on 03 9292-6182 in Melbourne, or 08 9362 7777 in Perth.