Crown Towers Turns One

As Crown Towers Perth celebrates its first anniversary this December we asked Executive General Manager, Crown Hotels, Andrew Cairns to reflect on the team’s achievements, challenges and memorable moments.

Congratulations on Crown Towers first birthday! How are you celebrating this special occasion?

For us, it is about acknowledging all those that have supported Crown Towers, so it will be a special day with a number of activations happening across the hotel. For me personally, it will be about thanking all the staff that have taken us to where we are today. 

What are some of the challenges you have faced this past year?   

As with any hotel opening, it is not without its challenges. A key focus has been to adjust and react to guest feedback as this allows us to continually improve our service levels and maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves.

And some of the milestone achievements?  

There have been a number of significant achievements including our first full occupancy period which I am pleased to say is now being achieved consistently. We also hosted a number of successful large-scale conferences that entertained guests from all over the world and allowed us to truly showcase all that Crown Towers has to offer.  We have also been fortunate to win some wonderful industry accolades including ‘WA’s Best Deluxe Accommodation Hotel’ in the AHA WA Accommodation Awards for Excellence and a silver award for ‘New Tourism Business’ at the Western Australian Tourism Awards.

What has been your favourite guest experience?

I have numerous. I am lucky to receive direct feedback from many guests praising their stay however it is often the little things that create a memorable experience for them and that is the true measure.

What has been your proudest staff moment?

It is only a small thing, however watching Cilia in Crystal Club having a personal interaction with a family. It was simply a conversation although I could tell the guests felt relaxed and understood Cilia was genuinely interested. Again, feedback from these guests advising that Cilia made their stay made me very proud.

Is there a memory so far that always makes you laugh?

Where do I start! There is not a day goes by that something pops up that makes you laugh. In such a large operation, if you don’t laugh you will go mad!

What has been the most valuable lesson you have learnt this first year?

Listening to our guests and reacting to their feedback. It has been critical in ensuring we adapt the business to their needs. After all, they are in a way continually trialling and testing the hotel and there is no better way to learn.

How has the team grown and developed over the year?

This has been one of the most satisfying elements over the last 12 months. We have a fantastic team who continue to push and challenge themselves. Watching them settle and develop their unique levels of service has been amazing.

What does the future hold for Crown Towers Perth?

Crown Towers Perth continues to go from strength to strength. Our occupancies are doing consistently well and we aim to push this further. It is now about expanding our reach into new markets, especially into international sectors and cementing ourselves as the leading tourism destination for Western Australia.


Crown Towers Turns One
Crown Towers Turns One

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