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Fitness Classes

Boasting magnificent views of Sydney’s skyline, the Gym is fitted with TechnoGym’s exclusive ‘Artis’ equipment, offering guests the very latest for workouts as well as private training programs. 

Personal Training

The Fitness Centre offers tailor-made programs, personal training sessions, couples training or group classes’ which are ideal for any fitness level. Our experienced personal trainers can also provide a lifestyle evaluation which will assist with your training requirements whilst maintaining your health and wellbeing.

One on One Training

  • 30 min $85 
  • 45 mins $95  
  • 60 mins $105

Couples Training

  • 30 mins $105
  • 60 mins $145

Group Training (maximum 4 people)

  • 30 mins $159 
  • 60 mins $239
From 85 AUD
Corporate Stretch

30 minutes

Specially designed to improve the muscles' elasticity and reduce the chance of a strain or sprain injury by increasing the body’s flexibility.


From 55 AUD
Accelerate and Tone

45 minutes

Fast-paced and cardio-based, this program will increase your heart rate through cardio interval training, using a range of cardio and resistance training specifically designed for each client’s needs.


From 85 AUD
Build and Tone

60 minutes 

In this complete build & tone 60minute work out your personal trainer will focus on building muscle and strength to put the body in an optimal state of hypertrophy.


From 95 AUD
Core Conditioning

30 minutes

The ultimate conditioning session for your core! This session will focus on improving and building core strength and stability, it includes an element of yoga & functional resistance training offering a diverse flexion rotation of all core muscles.


From 65 AUD
Personalised Health and Fitness Plan

Our personal trainers can provide you with a tailored health and wellness plan.

From 185 AUD
Yoga and Meditation

Available upon request (POA)


Please be advised a 10% surcharge applies on public holidays.

*Complimentary four hour valet parking is included with all one hour or more treatments excluding in-house guests.

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