Interview with Emma McGrady, Director of Crown Spas

Crown Spa is renowned within Australia for offering a level of service that goes above and beyond the most discerning spa devotee’s expectations.

We spoke with Director of Crown Spas, Emma McGrady, to gain some insight into her background, how the industry is changing and what’s next for Melbourne and Perth’s leading luxury spa destinations. 


Can you tell us a little about your background?

I have been working in the spa and leisure industry for over 20 years, holding management positions with companies such as Steiner cruise ships & Hyatt Hotel Group.


How is the industry evolving?

As the spa and wellness industry witnesses exponential growth, our clientele is becoming increasingly aware of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, spas not only need to engage in traditional methods but also to embrace new practices that fulfil a holistic approach to spa and wellness.


How will you achieve this within Crown Spa?

Our focus is to take what we already deliver in terms of treatments and evolve them into a multi-sensory spa journey. Crown Spa will continue to offer a diverse range of signature beauty and body treatments from our product partners, but with the introduction of wellness therapies, our guests will have the best of both worlds.


Who are your product partners and why did you choose them?

Subtle Energies create aromatherapy and wellness solutions founded on authentic Ayurveda principles that address multiple skin and body concerns whilst delivering high-performance results.  Their treatment programs align perfectly with our new wellness direction for Crown Spa.

La Prairie is a Swiss-based company with an unparalleled commitment to excellence and the science of skincare. Their beauty treatment program is the ultimate in skin and body care, tailored to meet the exacting needs of our clientele and offering them the most precious gift of all, which is time. Their founding principles and luxury products are a natural fit for our brand.


What’s your advice for staying healthy on the road?

Running! It is when I can switch off from the demands of the job, put away my mobile and digital devices and simply focus on the moment. Funnily enough, it is also when I do my best thinking.  


Do you have a favourite Crown Spa treatment?

The Rejuvenation package because it does exactly what the name suggests – it helps restore my mind, body and spirit. 

Interview with Emma McGrady, Director of Crown Spas