Summer Beauty 101

Hot and sticky summer days are part of life when it comes to an Australian summer. We spend our days on the beach and our nights taking advantage of more daylight, leaving less time to maintain any sort of beauty regime. Which, with salty hair and sun kissed skin, can leave us feeling, well – less than picture perfect.

Crown Spa Melbourne Supervisor, Jasmine Coutts, has come to the rescue with advice on how to save your skin from the sun, tame that ‘humidity hair’ situation, and how to add a little va-va-voom without too much effort. You can thank us later. 


Don’t get yourself in a frizz

We’ve all fallen prey to tropical hair syndrome, but it needn’t happen to you with these tricks from Coutts, who says the first step is to protect the hair from the sun in the first place.

“When it comes to the sun, nothing beats Kerastase Masque UV defence Active, which repairs, protects and illuminates,” says Coutts.

Want more protection? “For best results, follow it with a CC crème,” suggests Coutts.

Bang for your buck

We know you don’t want to spend hours on grooming when on holiday, because neither do we. Time is better spent by the pool, we say. Coutts suggests applying a “fresh, light coloured lipstick and nail polish” to get that summer vibe happening. For flawless skin, a “body moisturiser with tint” will also have you feeling fresh with minimal effort, says Coutts.

Lip service

They’re often-neglected when it comes to sun protection, but our lips need just as much TLC as our other skin during summer. Coutts suggests an anti-aging lip conditioning treatment, like the La Prairie Eye and Lip Porter.

Top of the class

No one wants to tote around a giant bag at the beach, and according to Coutts, there are only five things you really need when it comes to summer beauty:

• SPF 50+ for the body

• Lip balm with SPF 15+

• Anti-aging eye cream

• Rose mist to keep you hydrated

• Deodorant


Hot without the sweaty

When you want a little extra glam, but it’s 35+ degrees, it can be difficult to get the motivation to doll up – we hear you! Coutts suggests keeping it simple with an anti-aging cream with a light tint and that all important SPF 30+, like the La Prairie Transforming Cream.

“It’s everything you need all in one. A lightweight, barely there, fast application dual moisturiser and makeup,” she explains.


Don’t forget about your body

To make sure you’re working with the best skin you can get, there’s one product Coutts says you need to get you through summer looking fresher than when it started.

Subtle Energies The Night Queen Double Cream is adored by Coutts for its “intense moisturising and soothing effects on the skin with the base of a variety of high quality shea butters and oils”. 

So there you have it, your beauty bag essentials to keep you looking fresh (and gorgeous) this summer season.

You can find all of the products Coutts recommended at Crown Spa.  While you’re at it, give your skin a boost with a Cellular Hydrating Facial from Crown Spa, an intensive treatment perfect for revitalising tired, stressed faces that aren’t quite ready to let go of winter yet! Here’s to you and your best summer ever.