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Crown Perth

Located on the banks of the iconic Swan River and only minutes from the CBD, new Optus Stadium and airport, Crown Perth offers an incredible range of events and conferencing facilities.  

With over 11,000 square metres of exceptional function venues which include opulent ballrooms, modern meeting rooms and expansive conference spaces, Crown is able to cater for all event types. 

Crown is also home to Perth’s largest onsite group accommodation offering with three international hotels located adjacent to the Convention Centre. The combined capacity of over 1200 rooms, with the exceptional variety of onsite leisure and entertainment facilities, makes Crown Perth one of the most desirable conference and event facilities in Australia.

Crown Towers Perth

The epitome of luxury, guest rooms and suites at Crown Towers Perth command magnificent Perth views. Intelligently designed with the latest technology and the renowned Crown Towers service, guests will have the opportunity to experience a hotel unlike any other complete with a lagoon pools, fitness centre and Crown Spa. 

Crown Towers offers an unparalleled level of luxury with 500 exquisitely appointed oversized guestrooms and Villas:

- Deluxe Twin: 91 rooms at 47-49m2
- Deluxe King: 117 rooms at 47-49m2
- Premier Twin: 23 rooms at 47-49m2
- Premier King: 199 rooms at 47-49m2
- Studio: 24 rooms at 55m2
- Executive Twin: 3 rooms at 82m2
- Executive Club Suite: 10 rooms at 82m2
- Premier Club Suite: 20 rooms at 105m2
- Exclusive Villas are also available 

Crystal Club is an exclusive lounge with a dedicated private check-in service and concierge facilities for Crystal Club guests. Located within Crown Towers, the open design and light-filled ambiance highlight the Club’s unique features and stunning views. After checking in, guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast, light snacks, evening canapés and Wi-Fi. Crystal Club is the perfect escape created for comfort, relaxation and privacy.

Crown Metropol

Located within Perth’s only 24 hour entertainment precinct, Crown Metropol Perth redefines luxury resort accommodation.

Crown Metropol offers stylish accommodation: 

- Luxe King: 123 rooms at 42m2
- Luxe Twin: 110 rooms at 42m2
- Luxe View King: 88 rooms at 42m2
- Luxe View Twin: 24 rooms at 42m2
- Luxe King Spa: 31 rooms at 42m2
- Loft: 15 rooms at 120m2

Surrounded by glamorous day beds, Poolside features a large main pool, relaxation pool and a family friendly pool complete with children’s waterslides. 

The state of the art gymnasium offers high-tech cardiovascular machines, free weights and weight stations. 

Crown Metropol is central to the long list of dining options available at Crown Perth including Nobu, Rockpool Bar & Grill, Silks and Bistro Guillaume. 

Crown Promenade

Crown Promenade Perth is conveniently located next to the Crown Perth complex offering an impeccable standard of restaurants, bars, event and conference spaces, a casino and leisure facilities.

Experience the newly refurbished guest rooms, meticulously designed to meet Crown’s unparalleled level of luxury: 

- Superior King: 157 rooms at 28m2
- Superior Queen: 7 rooms at 28m2
- Superior Twin: 98 rooms at 28m2
- Superior King Balcony: 8 Rooms at 28m2
- Spa Studio: 14 rooms at 38m2
- Suite: 7 rooms at 42m2

Crown Promenade features a fully equipped gymnasium and outdoor pool. 

Audio Visual

Crown Perth houses some of Australia's most advanced audiovisual infrastructure which is installed throughout all function rooms. As the in-house technical and creative provider based at Crown Perth, AVPartners specialises in staging corporate events such as conferences, gala dinners, awards nights, seminars and workshops. With the advantage of AVPartners in depth and on-site knowledge of Crown Perth, the team at AVPartners are committed to making your next event experience a memorable and successful one.

For further details, contact the onsite AVPartners team on 08 9362 7653 or click here to view their website.

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