Four Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Melbourne Wedding Venue

In a city famous for its arts, gardens and culinary-culture, there’s no shortage of wedding venues in Melbourne. But finding the perfect venue can be a challenge, and can play a big part in how special, or how stressful your wedding day is. Before you choose your Melbourne wedding venue, make sure you’ve asked these four questions.

Crown Melbourne

1.Is It Big Enough, But Not Too Big?

The first task to tackle is working out your guest list. Make a list of everyone you want to attend, and then decide who you’ll invite for the full-day or whether you will have a few evening-only guests. Once your list is done you will have a better idea of what size or capacity you're looking for.

If you want a big celebration with all your friends and more, then ensure the venue can accommodate a large party. On the other hand, if it’s a family only affair then you want to make sure you find the perfect intimate space for your special day.


2.How Easy Is It to Get There?

Choosing a venue that is too far away, or difficult to find can have a big impact on how you time your day. Allowing for guests to arrive early, reduces some of the scheduling-stress and means there’s more time to mingle and less time stuck in a car. Whether your guests are travelling from within city boundaries or travelling cross-country, make sure your venue is easy to find and easy to park at.

Crown Melbourne is a wedding day winner, not just because the venues are beautiful and adaptable, or because the accommodation offers luxury convenience for staying over, but also because of its perfect Melbourne location.

Crown Aviary

3. Is It Special, or is it Just Available?

Don’t settle for the first venue that has space on your preferred dates, make sure it’s a venue that is perfect for you both. Work together as a couple to find a venue that incorporates both of your tastes and work with the venue to make sure the space is adaptable to your unique décor tastes.

Many of the hottest wedding trends in Melbourne right now focus on the outdoors, with plenty of natural light and foliage. Crown Melbourne is home to a new venue that is all that and more. Located on the rooftop at Crown Towers, the Crown Aviary , is a truly memorable and photogenic setting for an outdoor event that is truly unique. Nestled beneath the Melbourne sky with views towards the glistening lights of the city, the Crown Aviary is a magnificent space suitable for up to 550 guests in a cocktail setting or up to 400 seated. The Crown Aviary comes complete with its own landscaped outdoor decking area, ideal for guests to enjoy pre-drinks as they take in the stunning city landscape.

Crown Melbourne

4. Have You Taste Tested the Menu?

If you choose a venue that will also cater the wedding, make sure that you not only love the menu on paper, but you’ve also tried it in person. Most venues will offer tasting sessions for both food and drink, so don’t be afraid to tell them if there’s anything you would like changed. After all it is your special day.

When booking a venue at the Crown Melbourne, you’ll have award-winning chefs working with you to create a wedding menu that you both love and that is sure to impress your guests. Beyond your wedding consultation, where they can arrange chef tastings, spend some time at the hotel’s exceptional dining venues to get a taste for what’s on offer.

It’s All in The Detail

Often, it’s the little details that make one venue stand out from the others – the amazing views, impeccable service or the added extras that you don’t get anywhere else.

If you choose a venue at Crown Melbourne, you can opt for the added extra of a pamper session for the bridal party in the Crown Spa – the perfect way to relax before your big day. Or if you’re looking for that added ‘wow’ factor for your wedding transport, why not book the Crown helicopter as your mode of transport for the day, or to take you to the airport for your honeymoon.

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