Hayley Welsh X Crown Metropol Melbourne 

Famed artist, Hayley Welsh has transformed Crown Metropol Melbourne into a whimsical wonderland, with an array of wide-eyed creatures filling the lobby.

Crown Metropol Melbourne

Hayley Welsh

British born artist Hayley Welsh has established herself as one of the most exciting creatives in the street art scene. Following recent shows in London and New York, her creations have become fondly recognised as surreal, fluffy, wide-eyed creatures, with darker undertones of the unknown and abyss.

Hayley's unique style embodies a technical approach, mixed with nostalgia and humour. Her signature wide-eyed creatures seem inviting and represent a concept of innocence at first glance but symbolising a deeper quality that takes the audience to places beyond the image displayed in front of them.

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Crown Metropol Melbourne

Art Installation

Drawing inspiration from the sense of adventure associated with an Easter egg hunt, Hayley has created a unique installation featuring her signature wide-eyed creatures that captures the essence of wonder throughout this whimsical wonderland created for Crown Metropol Melbourne.

Hayley has utilised a variety of surfaces across the lobby to bring this piece to life. Featuring an eggshell inspired backdrop, with splashes of coral, lime green, blue and orange, these patterns and colours are then reflected across existing décor throughout the lobby creating multiple layers of adventure to the installation.

Through this piece, Hayley's vision is for adults and children alike to feel a sense of wonder and adventure when experiencing these whimsical wide-eye creatures and for them to get lost in the magic of the installation. 

Crown Metropol Melbourne

Limited Edition Merchandise

Exclusive to Crown Metropol Melbourne, these whimsical little creatures will also be available on a range of T-shirts and tote bags. 

These are only available for a limited time so be sure to keep an eye out in out at Crown Metropol and the Crown Gifts store for these wide-eyed creatures in all shapes and sizes. 


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