Level up your spa experience

Get the most out of your spa experience for next-level relaxation and beautifying with our quick-guide. 

Crown Spa Perth
Choose the Right Spa

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it all starts with choosing the right spa. Not all spas are created equal, and in the world of spas, you often get what you pay for. Don’t forget that a spa is more than just a massage, if you choose right it can be the beginning of a journey to a more relaxed lifestyle, and if you choose wrong you might leave more stressed than when you arrived. Think of choosing a spa like choosing a doctor – you can choose cheap and you might get lucky, but then again, you might not. Choose a spa where the therapists are professionals and care about your body and your beauty. And, importantly, choose a spa where the setting adds to the relaxation.

How to do it? Crown Spa Perth ticks all the boxes and then some. The setting is elegant-luxe all the way. Inspired by refracting light underwater, it is serene, calming and beautiful. So, whether you’re there for a pre-wedding pampering or a well-deserved stress-relieving massage, the relaxation starts from the moment you arrive. On top of that they have a team of therapists and beauticians trained in different specialties

Crown Spa Perth
The Perfect Match

Choosing the right treatment is key to the success of your spa experience. But, for the spa-inexperienced, you might be a little overwhelmed by the spa menu. Surely a massage is a massage and a facial is just a facial? What’s the difference between a body wrap and a body mask? When should I get a hot stone massage rather than a deep tissue massage? While the results may be the same, the method of getting there can vary a lot. Choose a spa where the therapists know their way around the spa menu and can help you choose a treatment based on your desired results.

How to do it? Talk to the therapists at Crown Spa Perth before you book your appointment. They will do more than just point you in the right direction but can guide you through their extensive spa menu to help you choose a treatment that will get the desired results in a way that suits you best. Crown Spa Perth even has a range of packages that can last more than four-hours and are tailored specifically to you. You can also choose one of their holistic-focused Journeys that are designed for complete wellbeing. Now, that’s something worth swiping right for. 

Bistro Guillaume
Relax Before Your Relaxing

Relaxing before you relax might sound like a pre-meeting meeting. And no one likes those. But making time to relax before your spa appointment is another must on your journey to levelling up your spa experience. Make sure you arrive early enough that getting stuck in traffic doesn’t become a stress, and then take some time out. Turn off your phone and just do nothing. Even doing that for 10-minutes before your treatment will extend the benefits and make your spa experience last longer.

How to do it? Arrive early and enjoy valet parking at Crown Spa Perth. Next head to Bistro Guillaume and soak up some sun on the terrace. If you’re hungry and have time to eat, opt for something light and fresh, or just a freshly-squeezed juice or ice-cold water. If the weather doesn’t suit terrace sunning, head to TWR (the aptly named The Waiting Room) and sink into a couch besides their floor to ceiling windows. The cocktails may be tempting…but give them a miss this time. Better still, upgrade your experience with a spa suite (even better if you’ve booked a couple spa), and relax with total privacy in unashamedly luxury surroundings. Best of all, book a stay at Crown Hotels Perth, skip any arriving-on-time stress, and make full use of their leisure area including their magnificent multi-tier pool. 

Crown Spa Perth
Products Matter

The skill and experience of your therapist is undeniably key to making the most of your spa experience. But so are the products on offer. Choose a spa where they are proud of their products and their products are integral to their treatments. All-natural, ancient-inspiration, and rare and fine ingredients all play their part in the best products.

How to do it? Do a little research before you book or talk to the therapists about what makes the products special. Crown Spa Perth has partnered with two of the best. La Prairie is renowned internationally for exclusive and luxury products with cellular level healing technology (it’s so secret they create it in three different labs and use ingredients as luxe as platinum and white caviar). Subtle Energies, their other partner are Australian Ayurveda-aromatherapy experts who focus on treatments that go more than skin-deep and combine ancient and modern for the best of both worlds. Products are not only incorporated into your treatment at Crown Spa Perth, but they also have an impressive selection of products available for purchase at the spa. So, you can keep the good results of your facial for even longer.  

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