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Crown Spa Club

Experience our exclusive spa membership in Melbourne

Unparalleled service

Extraordinary facilities. Unparalleled service. A wellness program that is truly exceptional and for members, the benefits are abundant. Our approach focuses on transforming your physical and emotional wellbeing within a luxurious, intimate environment.

A lifestyle that sparks change

A lifestyle that sparks change

Crown Spa Club is a program that goes beyond the traditional concept of a gym membership. We work closely with you to create a lifestyle that sparks change.

From customised fitness and nutrition guidance, to rejuvenating treatments and a wide range of benefits, this is a program crafted entirely to meet your unique needs.

Crown Spa Club Benefits

Access to the gymnasium, Aqua Retreat and pools
A 60 minute personal training or yoga session
30% off Crown Spa and Fitness from Monday to Friday
20% off retail products at Crown Spa
20% off reserved poolside facilities Monday to Friday
Twelve individual guest pool passes annually
Two lifestyle assessment sessions annually

Close your eyes, clear your mind, let’s begin

Close your eyes, clear your mind, let’s begin

Please contact Crown Spa Reception
on +61 3 9292 6182 for further information.

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