Wellness Consultations

Our visiting practitioner is here to guide you on a journey of self-care and discovery.

Sohal Shah specialises in a unique blend of Naturopathy, dry needling and yoga therapy and takes a multidimensional approach to treating ailments from aches, pains and migraine to insomnia, obesity, sinusitis and other lifestyle disorders.

Sohal is available for private consultations to help you begin your journey towards greater wellbeing and relaxation.

Availability: Monday, Friday and Saturday.

To make a reservation, please call Crown Spa Melbourne 03 9292 6182 or email us.

Dry Needle Therapy

Begin a journey of restoration. For a release of endorphins and enkephalins, thin needles are inserted into trigger points to alleviate pain, stiffness, migraines, musculoskeletal problems and general stress.

1 hour | $180  Book Now
45 minutes follow up session

Customised Pain and Tension Relief Therapy

Tailored to you. A treatment will be customised to your individual needs to simultaneously remove tension and pain from the body, all whilst improving the flow of qi through your body. Sohal will revitalise your body by creating a multi-step journey of Dry needling, Acu Meridian Massage, the 3000-year-old practice of Cupping, or the use of Therapeutic Herbal Ultrasound. Leave feeling balanced and re-energised.

1 hour 30 minutes | $250  Book Now
75 minutes follow up session

Hatha Yoga and Yoga therapy

Calm the mind, align the body, relax and meditate with Hatha Yoga, a gentle form of yoga. Your tailored session focuses on body-mind connection and will leave you feeling balanced.

1 hour 15 minutes | $150  Book Now
1 hour follow up session

Yogic Intestinal Cleanse

Detox and cleanse the digestive system with a natural and non-invasive Laghoo Shankha Prakshalana, a detoxification method that focuses on perfecting five specific yoga postures and drinking six to eight glasses of lightly salted water.

1 hour 30 minutes | $250  Book Now
1 hour 15 minute follow up session

Acu Meridian Therapy

Experience a treatment based on theories of traditional Chinese medicine. Pressure and mild electro stimulation are used to mobilise chi to (life force energy) on specific points on the body called acupoint. Your treatment will be customised to the individual needs.

1 hour 15 minutes | $130  Book Now
1 hour follow up session

Pranayama/Breathing Techniques

Discover Pranayama breathing techniques to help you breathe more efficiently, relieve anxiety and bring a sense of balance and awareness to your mind and body. Restore harmony.

1 hour 15 minutes | $130  Book Now
1 hour follow up session

Sleep Meditation

Improve your sleep with a guided meditation known as ‘Psychic sleep’. Be guided through different visualization techniques to awaken awareness and relax the conscious mind.

1 hour 15 minutes | $110  Book Now
1 hour follow up session


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*Complimentary valet parking is included with all one hour or more treatments excluding in-house guests.

Wellness Consultations