Three steps for your best relationship yet

They’re our most important ‘assets’ – but healthy relationships can tend to fall by the wayside when life gets busy. Here’s what to do about it. 

If you feel you might have been taking your partner for granted lately, you’re not the only one. Between kids, work, family and financial stresses, many of us are struggling to make relationships a priority. After being in a relationship for a certain amount of time, there is also a sense of security, which is a positive thing, but if you feel secure in your union then you might not rush to put your relationships above your to-do list.

Thankfully, there are things we can do to stop our relationship going stale and make it stronger than it’s ever been. And it doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships either, with the quality of all of our relationships important to not only our happiness, but also our health. Research has found that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends and their community have fewer health problems and live longer. According to Harvard, our social connections can influence our long-term health as much as getting enough sleep, having a good diet and not smoking. A seriously good reason to spend some time focusing on bettering our relationships. Here's how....

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1. Double up on the support

This might sound kind of obvious, but supporting your partner is hugely important. Trouble is, when we get busy with our own work and personal projects, we might not be as tuned into what our partner needs from us. A recent study of relationships found that when people were under a lot of stress, the amount of support they received from their partner had the power to make or break the relationship. This includes practical support like taking over domestic chores as well as emotional support such as listening and providing comfort.

2. Limit phone time

Smartphones are a modern-day essential – but when used excessively, they pose a threat to relationship health. Studies have found a link between heavy social media use and relationship dissatisfaction. So try to limit the amount of time you spend on your phone in each other’s company.

3. Be (a little) adventurous

Trying new things, whether it’s dance classes or different cuisines, is a great way to make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut. Research suggests that couples who frequently try new things together have higher-quality relationships. Why not double down on this effect by trying a couple’s massage, which may help lower your stress levels.

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