Your event season cheat-sheet

The pointy end of the year is almost here (yikes!) which means one thing – events, events and more events. It can be difficult enough to coordinate your calendar, let alone coordinate beauty looks when you have multiple events coming up. Buying outfits, finding shoes to match and don’t forget the perfect bag… our heads are spinning just thinking about it!

So when it comes to beauty, we’ve done the research for you and called upon our resident Crown Spa stylist, Monique Palmer, to give her inside tips about how to rock this event season. You’re welcome!

The perfect ‘do’ for your do

Let’s start at the top. We all know how difficult it is to get our hair looking the same as they do at the salon, but there are a few tricks to achieve a simple, yet elegant hairstyle.

“Less is more. Simple, undone waves to give a tousled look… not too structured,” says Palmer. Her advice? Sleep in plaits or braids and then in the morning take them out, gently separate locks and use a bit of hairspray to hold. Too easy! 

Fake it till you make it

Coming out of winter, chances are you haven’t had an opportunity to get some sun on your skin for a while (and hello… sun damage). If you’re desperate for a little glow, a trusty spray tan can come in handy. Palmer suggests you “exfoliate and moisturise leading up to your appointment,” which should help your tan last, but more importantly, make you look like you’ve just returned from an extended holiday in the South of France. 

Leave the bags at home

Do the bags under your eyes get a little bigger as the end of the year closes in? We hear you. The perfect cover-up is some killer eye makeup, with Palmer suggesting to “do eye makeup before foundation. This will make it easy to clean up any fall out from eyeshadow to give a clean skin look”. Need some ideas? Check out our makeup how-to here.  

So hot right now

Colours and trends come and go quicker than it takes to drink your morning latte. It’s difficult trying to keep up!

When it comes to makeup, Palmer’s tips for on-trend make up looks focus on “natural tones with soft bronzes, rose golds and blush tones”.

“Glowing, dewy skin is also big again this season.” 

Hydration station 

Even if you have to set a reminder on your phone to drink more water, do it. Palmer says drinking plenty of water in the lead up you’re an event “will ensure the skin is glowing and hydrated”. This is crucial for the dewy, glowing skin Palmer noted as trending right now.

Use these time-saving hacks this event season and you’ll be cruising from party to party, stress-free (and gorgeous).

Your event season cheat-sheet