Get more bang for your beauty buck

When it comes to skincare, most Australian women care more about quality than they do about cost. Even so, it’s reassuring to hear that according to Emma McGrady, director of Crown Spas, spending less on skincare isn’t necessarily a bad thing – and top-shelf beauty products aren’t always going to deliver the best results for you.

What to invest in

“If you are paying for a high-end product, there is an expectation that it is results driven based on the science and technology needed to create and innovate the specific range or product,” she says. “Waste of money arises from possibly purchasing products not suitable for your skin concerns; this could happen with a lack of professional analysis and advice.”

As well as making sure your beauty products are right for your skin’s needs, you also need to focus on your entire skincare regimen.

“If your spending capacity is limited, investing in products that have active ingredients and stay on your skin longer is the right way to go,” she says. “However, critical to this is also the entire routine and skin care ritual you have in place. If you are investing in a good night cream or serum, for example, it’s imperative to assist the skin’s own renewal cycle with exfoliation to allow active ingredients to penetrate.”


Age-appropriate skincare 

McGrady says a good skincare regimen starts early, with a focus on sun protection and a diet rich in antioxidants and other skin-friendly nutrients, like leafy green vegetables, berries and oily fish.

“In your twenties, it’s important to start considering a total wellness skin care routine,” she says. “The factors to consider include your genetic make-up, environment, lifestyle and most importantly - what suits your skin.

“As the years go by, certain steps to your basic program need upgrading. It’s a good idea to add an eye cream or to venture into having regular facials because facial massages are so good for the longevity of youthfulness. By the time you are in your forties, your skin continues to change and needs further assistance as the skin renewal process slows down. Therefore serums, facial oils and more advanced treatments become essential.”

If you feel your skincare products might not be cutting it, or maybe you suspect your regime needs a boost so it can better meet your needs, Crown Spa has a team of qualified specialists who can give you some recommendations – with the added bonus of making your skin feel brand new. 

“The human body responds not just to products but to the sensory experiences as well – this is what a good therapist can provide,” McGrady says. “People receive the most bang for their beauty buck when they invest in a recurring treatment plan that is suitable for their skin concerns and that helps them achieve their goals.”

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