Single and not quite ready to mingle?

Forget swiping right, make this Valentines more like Gal-entines

From dating apps and websites promising you’ll find love to swiping right and being ‘ghosted’, the world of dating in 2019 couldn’t be more complex. It’s a modern-day minefield, if you will, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, it can feel a little lonely.

But relationship expert and author of #singlebutdating, Dr Nikki Goldstein, says that you should embrace being on your own, and that learning to love yourself is more important than loving someone else.

“When you look to someone else for fulfilment, any type of relationship becomes conditional based on what they can do for you, rather than how they make you feel,” she says.

“People go from relationship to relationship because they don’t feel confident or worthy on their own. You need to feel confident in yourself first.”


“We all get swept up with the idea of February 14,” says Dr Goldstein. “There is too much pressure.”

Her advice? Remember that being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the world. And if you are newly single, Dr Goldstein suggests it’s the perfect time to explore new areas of your life you may have put on hold when you were coupled up.

“There is time and space for you to start a new gym, a new activity, a new hobby. Anything that brings a new element into your life,” she says. “It brings new energy into your world, new people and new experiences.”

But because you’re human and we know you’re partial to an #instastalk, Dr Goldstein suggests planning ahead if you think you’re likely to pick up the phone.

“If you think you’ll slip up, organise something fun to distract yourself. If you’re happy or busy, your mind will be distracted and won’t be thinking of your ex.”

Squad, assemble

Looking for something fun to do on Feb 14? Grab your pals and head to HWKR in Melbourne’s CBD for a whole lot of fun pop-ups featuring a mix of food, drinks and desserts all in the one place – yes please. Or enjoy a drink at Transport Bar where the Club Aperol pop-up bar is taking over the space all summer long. Aperitif, anyone?

If you’re in Perth, bunker down on a bean bag at the Rooftop Movies – take a picnic with your friends and enjoy the night in style.

Better yet, to truly #treatyoself, head to Crown Spa and enjoy one of our many spa packages which are sure to leave you feeling energised and loving your single self.

It’s complicated (but it doesn’t have to be)

No matter what your relationship status this February 14, whether you’re a long-standing member of the singles club or a fresh recruit, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. Get your girl (or guy) gang together, go out and do something fun to celebrate your single self in all your glory.

Single and not quite ready to mingle?