Your summer feel-good guide, sorted!

It’s summer, and that means more hours in your day to create moments that increase life-satisfaction. Trouble is, when you’re confronted with a lot of options it can sometimes be hard to make a choice. To make it easier, here is a curated selection of activities that’ll bring the summer vibes – without significant burden on your wallet.

Invest in your relationships

If it seems like you feel better after spending time with loved ones, that’s not just your imagination. Science confirms that having strong connections with others can boost your physical and mental wellbeing. The best way to do that? Plan activities together that will bring joy to you and them. Great summer get together ideas include walking with a friend to catch up on their news (with the added bonus of getting your steps up!), or learning something new together like trying your hand at a new sport or hobby. Hosting a barbecue at home or picnic at a local park is a great, affordable way to bring people together in a relaxed setting, it’ll also give you an excuse to organise a friendly game of backyard cricket or kickball.

Roll up your sleeves

With more hours in the day, we’re likely to have slightly more time on our hands. And what better way to spend it than giving back to your local community, and helping to make someone else’s festive season a little more cheerful.

As an added bonus, volunteering on a regular basis can also bring massive benefits for you. It makes you happier, it boosts life satisfaction and may even improve your physical health. Sure, that’s not why you’re doing it, but it’s a nice side-effect.

Keen to get involved? It’s a good idea to look for opportunities around a cause that’s dear to your heart, like animal shelters, environmental volunteering or homelessness support services. Websites such as GoVolunteer allow you to search for projects or opportunities in your area.

Celebrate the season

With warm temperatures and more daylight, it makes sense to get outdoors as much as possible (with sun protection, of course!). Here are some great ways to enjoy al fresco life this summer:

• Most major cities have outdoor cinema events at local parks, where you can bring a picnic blanket or deck chairs (or hire bean bags) to watch a featured movie. That definitely belongs on your summer bucket list!

• Hit the water. Whether it’s the ocean, lake or river, getting in the water is a beloved Australian past-time, and one of the best free summer activities available.

• Dust off that bike and head to one of the bike trails in and around your area. You’ll see a new part of town and relive the freedom that life on two wheels can bring.

• Some great ways to entertain the kids are with a night of backyard camping, walking to the local library (often family friendly events are scheduled) or making a pitcher of refreshing lemonade (and selling it, if the kids are keen for a little extra pocket money).

• For the ultimate in cheap summer activities, venture to your local lawn bowls club and play a couple of rounds. If you’re lucky, some of the senior members may give you a few tips.

Your summer feel-good guide, sorted!