How To Manifest Your Dreams

Once upon a time, words like ‘manifesting’ and ‘putting it out to the universe’ were associated with incense-burning hippies, but in the past few years these woo-woo ideas have become seriously mainstream. These days, you can’t scroll long on social media without seeing someone – including celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Oprah Winfrey – gushing about how they’re manifesting goals. But what is manifestation all about, and how can we use it?

Alison Shamir, a confidence and career coach, says manifesting is part of the law of attraction – a principle stating you will achieve or attract in life what you focus on.

“It’s driven by thoughts and energy, meaning if you direct your thoughts and energy into positive visions the universe will return that energy with positive outcomes or experiences,” she explains. “You attract back what you put out.”


How to use the law of attraction

So how do you tap into this idea and manifest your dreams? Shamir says visualisation is the key to the law of attraction.

“The secret is believing and acting as if what you want is already yours,” she explains. “Visualisation is very powerful – allow yourself to think it and see it and then you will start to feel it.”

If, for example, you’re working at manifesting goals of achieving a promotion at work, Shamir suggests visualising yourself in that role. This means focusing on “what it would mean to you, how you would act, what you would do differently, how you would dress”, she says.

She explains, “Start to demonstrate those skills now in any way you can. If you do this your energy will follow or, in the law of attraction terms, ‘your frequency will be high’. The universe will pick up on this energy and present positive opportunities.”

Tips for manifesting goals

If you’re keen to give the law of attraction a go, Shamir’s advice is to start with your mindset.

“Your thoughts control your emotions, actions and energy so be kind to yourself,” she advises. “Practise positive thinking and self-talk, be clear on what you want and don’t limit yourself. Write it down and visualise yourself having it.”

But before you race ahead, there’s an important caveat. Shamir says the law of attraction requires authenticity.

“You can’t cheat at it,” she states. “Your positive thoughts have to be real. You have to visualise and believe wholeheartedly in your ability and worthiness to achieve and receive what it is you really want.”