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Closeup of Organic food in the crown spa at Crown Hotels

Explore our leading Wellness treatments to revitalise your mind and body. 


1 hour 30 minutes

We are proud to announce the addition of Psammotherapy to our treatment menu, the first of its kind in Australia. Psammotherapy - or hot sand therapy - dates back thousands of years to an ancient Greek practice and today involves treatments performed on a mineral Quartz bed using a base of warm, golden alpha-quartz sand. Find true serenity in the twinkling surrounds of your private sanctuary and experience profound relaxation, offering proven therapeutic benefits for anyone suffering with rheumatic and muscular conditions.

From 300 AUD

30 minutes

Series of 6 sessions $700

Power napping – Sleep therapy that reduces stress, improves concentration, balances mood & boosts creativity. State of art quantum harmonic sound therapy table combines music, gentle sound waves, vibration, matched to the body’s energy chakras.

From 140 AUD

1 hour

A stress-releasing treatment during which warm oil is poured over the third eye, forehead and temples to soothe and calm the nervous system. It assists with treating stress, skin conditions and insomnia, while also enhancing emotional balance, helping to get in touch with your higher being. The experience starts with a facial marma massage, with Subtle Energies’ enriching facial blend, enhancing the benefits of the traditional experience and giving your complexion a fresh and youthful glow.


From 395 AUD

2 hours

This signature journey starts with an aromatic foot soak followed by Podikhizhi (Podi), a remarkable therapy performed with dried herb powders wrapped in muslin bolus bags, dipped in warm oil and applied over the entire body. Focusing on areas of pain and inflammation, this therapy is effective for water retention, sports injuries, muscular and nerve pain, soft tissue inflammation and joint problems. This program concludes with a tension-relieving Blissful Marma Massage.


From 470 AUD


Please be advised a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays.

*Complimentary four hour valet parking is included with all one hour or more treatments excluding in-house guests.

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Our range of pregnancy treatments are the perfect way to pamper a mother to be!

Crown Spa is only able to perform treatments on expectant mothers during the second trimester of a pregnancy to ensure the safety of both mother and baby.