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Introducing our revolutionary new Subtle Energies Treatments

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In the depths of winter, we sometimes forget to prioritise our wellbeing. Most of us are pretty good at remembering to visit our hairdresser and manicurist, but we tend to ignore the upkeep of other vital working body parts, which is where our new Subtle Energies treatments can help. Our Podi treatment relieves muscle tension and re-energises the body, and the Shirodhara treatment rejuvenates the mind. Both sound like the perfect winter remedy, don’t they? Emma McGrady, Director of Crown Spas, says, "These speciality treatments are designed to enhance one’s ability to rest & recover, addressing certain aspects of human wellbeing; the physical, the emotional & the mindful.” So, why not book your visit today and prepare for a spiritual awakening, unlike anything you've experienced before. Both treatments are available at our Melbourne, Perth and Sydney spas.

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Awaken your mind, body & soul

In partnership with Subtle Energies, Crown Spa has introduced two revolutionary health practices to our menu – Podikizhi (Podi Treatment) and Shirodhara.

Do you often feel overwhelmed? Stressed? Exhausted? Difficulty sleeping? Then Shirodhara is for you. The treatment begins post the Subtle Energies’ Age-Defying Facial Marma Massage, with warm antioxidant oil being gently poured over your forehead. This is commonly referred to in the health and wellness world as the third eye due to its ability to ignite a spiritual awakening. The oil is poured from a copper pot that also has its own health-inducing properties, including better heart and brain health, a more robust immune system, and anti-aging.

Since the beginning of human history, the third eye has been recognised and revered by ancient cultures as the gateway into the non-physical world. Awakening this realm has long been the pursuit of many spiritual schools, including the Vedic and Christian philosophies.

Technically speaking, the third eye is believed to be linked to the pineal gland.  According to Farida Irani, the founder of Subtle Energies, "The pineal gland is connected to the third eye together with the pituitary gland which is the master gland and they impact on the whole endocrine system thereby controlling the hormonal balance, along with the circadian rhythm for sleep. The third eye is considered the spiritual eye in yoga as electrical impulses from the medulla oblongata reflect in the third eye when practicing certain pranayamas or breathwork."

When awakened, the third eye allows us to venture into the non-physical spiritual realm. This is the realm of our higher consciousness. As a result, we can claim our most profound intuition, our highest wisdom, and inner abundance to become healthier, more productive, and happier human beings.

Emma McGrady, Director of Crown Spas, says, “Shirodhara is a deeply connective experience predominately used to alleviate stress and is even beneficial for those that suffer from moderate to severe insomnia.”

This treatment is combined with the heavenly Facial Marma Massage, which uses techniques and active ingredients that create a youthful, supple glow. The Shirodhara treatment takes one hour, and it is suggested that you abstain from red meat, alcohol and coffee for the following 24 hours to avoid overstimulating the senses.

You can also experience Shirodhara as part of a comprehensive Sleep Support Therapy, which includes a guided meditation, the Blissful Marma Massage and an optional Mini Nasya, which is the application of herbal oil in the nasal cavity. The spa offers an array of products to further advance these results at home, such as the Sleep Support Prescription kit that comes with a step by step guide to help promote deeper sleep and reduce stress within the body and mind. 

Crown Spa’s other new treatment is the Muscle De-stress Podi program, which begins with a detoxifying foot bath, followed by Podikizhi (the Podi treatment), a remarkable therapy performed with dried herb powders wrapped in muslin bags, dipped in warm oil and applied with invigorating movements, over the entire body.

The active effects of the herbs reduce inflammation and increase circulation to assist with muscle tension and the peripheral nervous system.  They also act as a powerful detox agent with the specialised Podi technique drawing out impurities from the body.

This two-hour program concludes with a Blissful Marma Massage with long, firm, flowing movements used at various levels of pressure to realign your vital energy sources.

Crown Spa is one of the very few Australian spas to offer these highly specialised experiences. Each therapist undertakes a sound training program to familiarise themselves with the knowledge and techniques required to perform these unique treatments.

So, book your appointment today and experience the ultimate in-day spa rejuvenation – a total mind and body awakening.

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